Plaid Jacket,Leather Skirt And Gloves

For women, this choice is often one made for fashion’s sake as well as for the purpose of staying warm. There are some styles of womens jackets that have proven to withstand the test of history and offer much versatility. These are plaid jackets, pea coats, and leather jackets.

One fashionable way to go is to look at women’s jackets that are made with plaid material, such as the well-known Burberry-style plaid. Plaid used to be called Tartan and originated in Scotland before the 1700’s. Now, there are countless forms of plaid made out of nearly any material you can imagine.

You can find a woman’s plaid jacket that is cut to fit snug like a suit jacket, or one that is thick and durable enough to withstand the cold of winter.

Leather pencil skirts have been a rage since the early 1950s. The skirt can be of knee length or may be slightly longer than knee length. It is a tight fitted skirt. The leather hugs the body and shows off the curves. A slight slit is provided at the back to facilitate walking. You can wear this skirt to your work place too. A jacket over this skirt will make this skirt a perfect office wear.

Leather gloves for women are not just practical, they’re also an basic accessory for every fashion conscience woman’s wardrobe. Ladies leather gloves go together with everything and they always look remarkable any time of day no matter if she’s off to run errands or to an intimate dinner for two.

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